Prompt information:

Technological regulation set up by IMOS laboratory in Brno and approved by ČVUT is here: IMOS ENG.pdf

Silkot 10

is based on the same technology as Silkot 70-80. The complete system is placed as a nástavba on a truck chassis.

Technical parameters of SILKOT

  • Volume of LPG tanks: 6 x 100l (600l)
  • LPG consumption: 400l/20h
  • Electric system: 12V/24V/230V
  • Primary supply: 12V
  • Winch, light portal, beacon: 12V DC
  • Air blowers: 24V DC
  • Gas valve coils, burner automatics, temperature controller: 230V
  • Volume of the recycled material warming-up container: 1.1m3 = 1,800kg
  • Required recycled material temperature: 150-160°C
  • Time for warming-up the roadway by the warming-up face: 10–12 minutes
  • Recycled material consumption: approx. 1m3/day

Total machine weight (i.e. the weight with fully loaded recycled material hopper, vibration roller and full LPG tanks) and including the chassis (the total weight depends on  the type and weight of the chassis): 11,200kg